ICP-CIP will be hosting a fundraiser social at the Boston Pizza located in Orleans 3884 Innes Road, Orléans on Monday May 14, 2018 from 5-8:30pm. Boston Pizza will be donating 10% of the profits from any receipts placed in the ICP donation box.

Come meet our team for food, drink, and great pizza while donating to your local conference! We guarantee that you'll have so much fun, you'll consider joining the ICP team. No reservations needed but let us know if you're coming @

For more information, please contact Walk-ins, family, and friends are encouraged!


The 2018 ICP Organizing Committee

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One of the main goals for ICP this year was to facilitate presentations that would be helpful to students in preparation for our 2018 ICP conference and future conferences. This year, the executive team created an abstract writing workshops for all students at the University of Ottawa. The work shops are an excellent way to refresh your memory, refine your skills, and interact with researchers involved on the ICP committee. Don't miss our next workshop on February 9, 2018 in the UCU 206 auditorium from 12:00pm- 2:00pm.


Woodroffe High school Vist

Members of ICP-CIP engage in outreach activities that span beyond recruiting, organizing, and facilitating personal development and educational enrichment opportunities for its attendees—they are active members of their communities 365 days of the year. For instance, the Director of our High School Outreach Program, Kheana Barbeau, prepared and facilitated a presentation at Woodroffe high school in Nov, 2018. This presentation focused on her graduate research on body image and eating and exercise behaviors in young adult men and women. This presentation also included a brief overview of other domains of study within Psychology, while touching upon the most current and innovative research in each domain. This presentation also included an overview of various psychological tools that are commonly used in experiments, which were demonstrated with interactive activities, information regarding the application process for a Baccalaureate in Psychology, career options for future young researchers, and the importance of interdisciplinary research. Although Woodroffe was unable to attend our High School Program in 2016, the Director of ICP-CIP’s High School Liaison ensured that this class did not miss an enriching educational opportunity!

Volunteer Opportunities with ICP | CIP!

Volunteers working with the Interdisciplinary Conference in Psychology (ICP) are able to track their volunteer work hours and obtain a Co-Curricular Record. The CCR is an official school document that certifies your community involvement and may be used for applications into graduate programs and other work opportunities. In order to register and begin tracking volunteer hours, students are asked to log into their UoZone account, click 'Applications' and select 'Community Engagement Navigator'. This will open the Michaelle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement website and students can find our placement via our placement number (663) or placement title (ICP Volunteer 2017-2018) under the EV (Extracurricular Volunteering) tab. To enroll/register in this opportunity, click 'Select' then 'Confirm' under the Options menu. By registering, students can begin tracking his/her volunteer hours to be approved and included in his/her Co-Curricular Record. If you have any questions please email us at